And Then the Cold Came

Last week all the temperatures were in the upper 70s and we even had a couple of days in the mid 80s! The plants really took off. I noticed the first tomato forming. It was about the size of a marble and has grown to about the size of a ping-pong ball. You can also see small buds on the pepper plants where the first peppers will grow.

Yesterday, one week later it was in the mid 50s , got down to 37 degrees last night, and is supposed to stay in the low 60s for the next 4 days. Can’t imagine worse timing. I should have least brought the small pots inside but the only herb that seems to be damaged is the basil. Its top leaves are hanging like a wet dish cloth. The ones lower down seem to be fine but I’ll probably have to prune it back.

The pepper plants don’t look as bad as the basil. They are droopy but still have some firmness. Not quite to wet dish cloth levels. We’ll see. The tomato plants don’t seem to have any adverse effects but the proof will be in the fruits themselves. Not sure if any of the 8 or so flowers on it had already been fertilized and starting to form fruits.

I’m totally bummed. Things were going so well.

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