Game of Thrones Chapter Summaries Ebook

The folks over at A Wiki of Ice and Fire have a great collection of chapter summaries for George R.R. Martin’s book series. Since they are made available under a Creative Commons license, I took the liberty of making an ebook out of them. It wasn’t easy but thankfully I know how to program.

There is a table of contents, which will lead you to individual indexes for each book that list all the chapters. After each index is a short summary of the entire book, followed by summaries of each chapter. There are something like 350 chapters! It even includes summaries of the pre-release chapters for the next book The Winds of Winter, and the short stories about Dunk and Egg.

The links in the table of contents, indexes, and at the very top of each chapter summary, are to other locations within the ebook. Be aware though, the links in the body of the summaries are to the wiki itself, so clicking on them will open the browser on whatever device you are using.

So, here’s the ebook in both epub and mobi (Kindle) format:

A Song of Ice and Fire – Chapter Summaries (epub)

A Song of Ice and Fire – Chapter Summaries (mobi)


  1. Thank you for doing this! It is very helpful to have this as a reference on my ereader. My only criticism is that you can’t change the font on the summaries themselves. Regardless, thank you for your time in putting this together!

  2. I don’t change fonts often so I wasn’t aware of that. Not sure why that would be but maybe the font is hard-coded in the web pages the ebook is built from or something. Unfortunately my Kindle went belly up so it might be a while before I would get around to investigating it. Hopefully it is at least readable for you.

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